A challenging opportunity for a senior Librarian / Archivist / Curator with a passion for the printed word to take on the leadership of our library and museum.

The internationally known “Printing Library” in London’s historic St Bride Foundation on Fleet Street houses a fine specialist collection of books on printing, design, and related ephemera. In addition to more than 60,000 catalogued books and pamphlets, we hold a large range of international and historical periodicals. There are over 10,000 individual catalogued type specimens, a collection of historic presses, and many hundreds of thousands of objects including work by Eric Gill, cartoons by Raemaker, a large collection of original wood engravings….and much much more. The library receives enquiries and visits from scholars around the world but currently there is low awareness in the UK as the organisation is only just emerging from a period of austerity with very limited access. We want to open up the collection to a bigger audience.

The person we are looking for will be capable, with expert support, of reviewing the whole collection and redefining it to relaunch it. To achieve this we will need a clearer profile and a vision for the future. The review and resulting recommendations to the board of governors are not pre-defined except that the outcome must be capable of being supported by the wider foundation’s income and an enhanced library income ….especially fundraising based on library projects.

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Closing Date: 30th November 2018