Sweden and Denmark’s Åkervinda perform their unique, modern Scandinavian folksongs. Jazz singers at heart, and influenced by artists such as Björk and The Real Group, they share a deep love of folk music. Through improvisation, they breathe new life into traditional songs, singing stories of women through the ages. Their appearance at Marchland marks the opening of a UK tour and the release of their latest album. Have a listen to this impromptu moment of Nordic vocal music from Åkervinda. It might just tease out a few goosebumps - Tobias Elof, The Swingles. Akervinda will also be joining us on the final Saturday for our presentation of A Vanished Kingdom, giving us their perspective on women’s history and cross border co-operation.

Date/Time: 02 March @ 1.15

Tickets £8 - £10

Book online HERE

Part of the 2018 Marchland season.

Telephone 020 7739 6245