Cabaret Macabre

Written by: Joseph Atkins and Jessica Walker
Directed by: Jessica Walker
Presented by: British Youth Music Theatre

Welcome to the darkest party in town, in which emcee and soldier Joan of Arc invites you all to kick up a storm on behalf of the most maligned and mistreated women of the last seven centuries.

On our international bill tonight, special guests include Empress Marie Antoinette, all the way from France, actress Marilyn Monroe and blues singer Gladys Bentley from the States, Mata Hari – Holland’s favourite spy, Weimar singing sensation Claire Waldoff, and our very own Queen, Anne Boleyn. Tonight, and together for the first time, these stars of nobility, stage, screen and subterfuge take back their stories in a night of powerful cabaret, exposing the truth behind the beheadings, drugging and persecution that led to their untimely deaths. If you’re quirky, mouthy and creative, and aged 16 or over, our cabaret needs you!

Date/Time: August 06 and 07 @ 6pm and 9pm
Tickets £15 - £20
Buy online HERE