Carneval String Trio

Carneval String Trio have created a fascinating programme of twentieth century music for us. Vanished kingdoms and shifting borders here, in an Eastern Europe where identities and allegiances were torn apart under the most savage circumstances imaginable. They’ll be playing pieces by Kodaly, Dohnanyi and Klein, works that shock and mesmerize in equal measure. Each of these composers used folkloric themes to express their unique national identities, and yet these identities were rewritten for them many times as borders shifted and ideologies fought over their homelands. This is music that challenges us to ask, what is left of our identity when it is warped and usurped by the forces of nationalism?

Date/Time: 07 and 14 Feb @ 1.15pm

Tickets £8 - £10

Book online HERE

Part of the 2018 Marchland season.

Telephone 020 7739 6245