Macao et Cosmage

A magical, intimate show for all ages from La Soupe. Part Kamishabaï (Japanese paper theatre), part pop-up storybook, Macao et Cosmage is a journey into the world of French illustrator Edy Legrand. Macao and Cosmage live happily together in a tropical island paradise until the day that civilisation comes sailing up to their shore. A simple story about the effects of colonialism and the borders between mainland France and its Outre-Mer départements. Each audience member is given their own set of headphones with which to follow the action, as the puppeteer transports you from the rainy streets of London to a lush tropical island. La Soupe’s miniature puppet booth is suitable for an audience of 12 people at a time, so please book early. Performances are in English.

Date/Time Sat 17 Feb @ 3.30pm and 4pm

Free event

Register online HERE

Part of the 2018 Marchland season.

Telephone 020 7739 6245