Maiden in The Moor

Early-music specialists Maiden in the Moor revive for us the music of Occitania, a vanished kingdom that once straddled Southern France and Northern Spain. The Occitan Troubadours sang of loyalty, love and longing, and their language and music survived through travelling poets and illuminated songbooks long after their culture was devastated by the Albigensian Crusade. Their work had a profound influence on European music and culture, and echoes of it can be heard in lieder, folk music, and the work of the singer-songwriters of our own time. The programme includes Troubadour and Trouvère songs, songs from the courts of Aquitaine and the Languedoc, and Spanish pilgrim songs.

Date/Time: 28 Feb @ 1.15pm

Tickets £10 - £12

Book online HERE

Part of the 2018 Marchland season.

Telephone 020 7739 6245