Written by August Strindberg
Translated by Edith and Warner Oland
Directed by Daniel Austin-Boyd
Mr. X: Ross Martin
Mr. Y: David Nation

In a isolated farmhouse, two men face off over a box of stolen gold as a thunderstorm looms overhead. What starts as an idle conversation soon takes a twisted turn, as dark secrets are dredged up and civility gives way to hostility. Both men find themselves drawn into a battle of wits which may change the course of their lives.

Written in 1889 by renowned Swedish author August Strindberg, this intimate thriller maintains it's timeless appeal; examining the human need to justify our actions, responsibility to society, and the thin veneer of propriety that masks greed and desperation. Pariah asks how far a person will go to protect what they have and to get what they want; a discussion which remains as relevant now as it was one hundred years ago.

Date/Time: 06 - 09 March @ 1pm

Latecomers not admitted Book online HERE